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About E-medborgarkonto

E-medborgarkonto is a platform for the distribution of electronic identities. All kinds of web based systems and services can implement our solution to ensure that their customers can log in as smoothly and securely as possible without the need of a local user distribution or to simplify for the users when logging in. Our solution features built-in support for several different login methods and processes for distribution of user profiles.

Users registered at E-medborgarkonto can use their account at any and all websites who have implemented E-medborgarkonto, this feature is easily enabled using our plugins or through SAML 2.0.

Our services rely on several different levels of trust. Trust is a measurement of the probability that the user trying to log in is who he claims to be. The levels of trust comply to the international guidelines regarding trust and they are also used within the framework for the new Swedish e-identification. These levels of trust gives you as a service provider the ability to define what level of trust your login is to use. E-medborgarkonto encompasses every level of trust available, from the simplest online registration form to the very same level of trust as banks and health care.

E-medborgarkonto is a service provided by Svensk e-identitet AB. Svensk e-identitet AB provides advanced solutions for logging in, electronic signatures and the distribution of electronic identities. The keyword of our solutions is simplicity, in installation, use and pricing.

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